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BOPP Tape / Bags

This range of bags are manufactured with superior quality Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films. These bags have high tensile strength and impeccable physical properties like good dimensional stability, water proofing, transparency etc. These bags are available at highly competitive prices and customization is done as per the requirement of the client.

The latest Dotted Seal Technology has been adopted to give extra sealing (perforation) on sides to strengthen the bag & remove the initial tear-off from the edges to retain the product for longer time period. These bags can be used for different products & various applications.

Feature Benefits
Strong sealing (perforation) on sides of (BOPP Bags) Increased strength and load carrying capacity
Lamination on the outer surface of BOPP bags Glossy & attractive finish that influences buying motivation
Re-usable tape Multiple and repeated use
Innovative & attractive packaging Induce buyers to purchase
Fast processing involving few steps Easy and convenient packaging saving time
Superfine bright printing Gives catchy look to the product
Handles Enhanced visibility

BOPP Tapes

    Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape – BOPP Packaging Tape (Color & TRN)

    A quality product which is totally odourless which make them to ideal choice for packing & sealing of Pharmaceuticals, Food products, Liquors and a host of other consumer products. It impervious to dust, moisture, Liquids and is resistant to most acids, alkalis, fungi, and other corrosive elements. We can print any custom designed massage on it like ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’, ‘FRAGILE’, or company’s LOGOS and names.


    Applicable for Packing & Sealing for Corrugated Boxes, Stationery purpose as well as household use. It insures fast application & trouble free dispensing.


  • Width: 36 mm – 800 mm
  • Thickness: 35 – 70 microns
  • Length: 50 meters onward